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Deploy powerful, fully functional Express server using AWS Lambda, Serverless and Typescript/Nodejs


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The post is a part of AWS Lambda from zero to hero series

If you are beginner please read a short introduction about AWS Lambda here.

1. Why use my template

  • Ease of use.
  • Cheap, no need to care about managing servers, Scalable and High Available (thanks to AWS Lambda).
  • Powerful Express server.
  • Heavily tested.

2. Technologies

  • Typescript (Nodejs).
  • Serverless.
  • AWS Lambda.
  • Express.
  • Unit test using Jest.
  • Integration test using Newman (both local and after it is deployed).
  • CI/CD: it supports Github Action, Bitbucket Pipeline, you can also deploy locally using Command Line).
  • Local development/testing/debug (by using serverless-offline)